Baker & Pie Maker

Baker & Pie Maker


Our generously filled hot water crust pastry pork pies are available in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.  All handmade at Swafield a generous amount of traditional pork is combined with delicious flavourings.  We have 5 different flavours to choose from, the traditional ‘Norfolk’ our plainest variety, Onion Marmalade, Farmhouse Pickle, Chilli Jam and the newest variety Caramelised Red Onion and Cumin. During the game season we produce our Cold Cutting Game Pie, this is available in two sizes, medium and large and is a clear favourite at Christmas time.

Homemade Pork Pie
Handmade Deep Filled Meat Pies



We have 3 different sizes of our homemade meat pies made with shortcrust pastry, the small oval, the medium round and the large round family sized pie.  Filled with generous quantities of our own traditional and rare breed meats, all of our pies are immensely popular.  Varieties include Chicken and Mushroom, Chicken and Ham, Pork and Cider, Steak and Kidney, Lamb Shrewsbury, Steak and Mushroom, Steak and Ale, Beef and Horseradish, Beef & Stilton, Sausagemeat and Onion, Mince Beef and Carrot and Game.




Our popular Puff Pastry meat pies are made in one size.  It’s the deepest pie we make and is filled with either Chicken and Mushroom, Chicken and Ham, Pork and Cider, Steak and Kidney, Lamb Shrewsbury, Steak and Mushroom, Steak and Ale, Beef and Horseradish, Beef & Stilton, Sausagemeat and Onion, Mince Beef and Carrot and Game.


Our sausage rolls are filled with traditional or rare breed Pork and encased in puff pastry.  They are cut mainly to either 7” or 5” lengths but can also be sold in picnic sausage roll packs fresh or frozen.  Sage and Sweet Onion Sausage rolls are offered at Christmas.


A large hens egg encased in our delicious Breakfast Sausagemeat, rolled twice in breadcrumbs, deep fried and then baked.

Scotch Egg
Black Quack



Scotch egg with a twist … made with a duck egg, wrapped in a mix of our Sausagemeat and black pudding  then rolled twice in breadcrumbs, deep fried and then baked… Yummy!



Our quiches are made using the finest ingredients from our butchers, these include local chicken, sausages and ham.  They are not a slimmer’s dream as they are made using eggs, mustard and lots of cream!  Available in 3 different sizes they are perfect for a family meal or great sliced and eaten as part of a picnic.  Varieties include, Chicken & Sweetcorn, Sausage & Caramelised Onion, Ham, Cheese & Tomato, Cheese & Onion or Cheese & Mushroom.

Hot / Cold Filled Baguettes (HORNING SHOP ONLY)

We offer hot or cold filled baguettes at Horning.  Hot baguettes consist of Steak (Peppered or Plain), Sausage or Bacon.  They are served in warm crispy baguettes.  These need to be pre-ordered, 30 minutes notice is required.

Our cold baguettes are made using ham, cheese or tuna mayonnaise.  Served in freshly baked baguettes they are ideal for a quick lunch.

Coleslaw is sold during spring & summer primarily and is an ideal accompaniment to either a quiche, sausage roll or filled roll.

Cold Meats available to include salami, smoked and unsmoked ham and new to us Smoked Chicken Crown or Duck Breasts sourced locally from Morton’s Smokehouse. These have been traditionally cured with molasses and gently smoked over whiskey infused oak chippings to create a light delicate flavour that is true to the taste. 

Fresh bread baked daily

Fresh Bread Baked Daily

(Available at the Horning shop only) 

White Bloomer, Seeded Wholemeal, White and Brown Baguettes baked each morning to ensure maximum freshness. Can also be ordered in advance.


At Horning we stock a variety of cheese which are all predominantly locally sourced.  Mrs Temple’s cheese features heavily with her Binham Blue being our best seller.



Our Butchery

All our traditional & rare breed produce is raised locally to the strictest quality standards with the welfare of our produce being at the very heart of our ethos

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Our Kitchen

We pride ourselves on the wide selection of homemade produce ranging from pork pies, meat pies, sausage rolls, quiches, scotch eggs, our infamous black quack & so much more…

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Outside Catering

Rustic outside catering is a speciality of ours. We have built a reputation around supplying private parties, weddings, funerals and more with our traditional breed meats & accompaniments

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Whether you’re a holiday company looking to supply clients, a party of people looking for a treat or in the market for a special gift, we have a variety of hampers to suit all!

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