Meet the team at Swafield

Meet the team at Swafield

Tim Duke - Manager, Swafield

Tim has been in the butchery trade for 36 years. Dewhurst trained, Tim has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he passes on to the younger, less experienced members of the team.  Over the last few years we have had several apprentice butchers who I’m happy to say are still with us.  Tim’s background includes owning his own butchery and managing both large and small butchers.

Tim Duke, Manager, Swafield
Jim Hastie - Assistant Manager, Swafield


Jim Hastie - Assistant Manager, Swafield

Jim started his career in butchery, as a Saturday boy, at 15 and has now worked as a butcher for 20 years. He joined the Tavern Tasty team in 2008 and he has progressed to Assistant Manager. He joined the Tavern Tasty team in 2008 as a butcher and during the past few years has worked his way up to Assistant Manager. Jim manages the ever increasing wholesale business for us as well as being on hand to serve our very valuable retails customers.


Andy Robinson – Butcher, Swafield / Horning

Andy has been a butcher for over 31 years and has extensive experience.  In his earlier career he decided that a change of scenery was in order so he took his butchery skills with him and worked abroad in Bermuda for a couple of years before moving on to Montreal, where he stayed for 6 years before heading back to Norfolk.

Andy enjoys working with our customers and is extremely keen to provide excellent customer service.  He likes to set himself challenges and when asked to carry out a butchery demonstration at a local Country Fayre, he delivered his demonstration with knowledge, conviction and immense enjoyment.

Andy Robinson - Butcher, Swafield / Horning
Lewis Jones - Butcher, Swafield


Lewis Jones– Butcher, Swafield

Lewis joined Tavern Tasty as an apprentice in June 2012. He moved up to Norfolk from London where his original plan of becoming an electrician didn’t work out. Presently, a Level 2 trained Butcher, he is studying for his Level 3 and will qualify by the end of 2017. He adds value to the Swafield and Horning retail customers by creating his own dishes as part of his further education and qualification.  He has recently started to create his own dishes as part of his Level 3 course with the main factor being able to add value.  This is going down well with our retail customers. 

His 5 year plan is to manage / own a Butchers shop.


Jack Martin  - Almost Qualified Butcher(!) – Swafield

Jack has been part of the Tavern Tasty team for 18 months having started in August 2015 as an apprentice.  Jack is excelling is all aspects of his apprenticeship and hopes to complete it in May 2017. Jack regularly works at the Farmers Market in Wymondham. He is eager to learn all aspects of the business, incredibly friendly with a fantastic customer service skills. They love him.

Jack - Almost Qualified Butcher.


Reece Letzer – Apprentice Butcher, Swafield

Reece is our most recent member of the butchery team and started his apprenticeship at the end of 2016. Reece is enjoying various aspects of his learning and hopes to open his own Butchers shop in the future.


Kitchen Team


Shirley Bond – Head of Kitchen, Swafield

Shirley has worked in ‘food’ all her life.  Before coming to Tavern Tasty 6 years ago, she had worked for just 3 other companies – Bernard Matthews, The Cromer Crab Co. and HP Foods which span an incredible 34 years.  Shirley’s commitment to her job at Tavern Tasty is second to none. Shirley’s role is varied and includes maintaining stocks of our enormous range of pork pies, meat pies, sausage rolls etc. All this produce is made from scratch in the large kitchen at Swafield She is also responsible for supplying our increasing wholesale market throughout Norfolk and now into Suffolk. Shirley’s role encompasses maintaining stocks of our enormous range of pork pies, meat pies, sausage rolls etc. which are all made from scratch in the large kitchen at Swafield, plus cooking for our increasing wholesale market where deliveries are made twice a week all over Norfolk and now part of Suffolk. In addition to this she ensures that there is always enough stock both frozen and fresh for our new shop in Horning as well as looking after the stocks at Swafield. 

Shirley Bond - Head of Kitchen
Dawn Clark - Production Assistant


Dawn Clark – Production Assistant, Swafield

Dawn has worked in food retail all her life and joined us in October 2016. A vacancy arose due to the expansion of our wholesale market and the opening of our second outlet in Horning. The main things that she enjoys about her job is the cooking, the banter between all the staff and working closely with Shirley and Pauline.


Pauline Leeks – Part Time Production Assistant, Swafield

Pauline has worked for Tavern Tasty for 18 years with a couple of breaks in between.  She has seen many changes, the  main one being the relocation from Union Road to Swafield shortly after she started.  Pauline has a wealth of experience and offers invaluable advise when discussing new recipes.  Pauline most recently left us at the beginning of 2016 to help her son set up his business.  I am delighted to say that she has decided to come back to us for 2 days a week with this having started in the lead up to Christmas 2016.


Ady Brazier – Delivery Driver & Part of the Outside Catering Team

Ady started working with us in September 2016 primarily as a delivery driver.  Since this date he has stepped in and helped wherever he can and now regularly attends the Farmers Markets at Wymondham and Fakenham.  Ady will also be an integral part to the Outside Catering team.  A Publican for over 30 years, Ady has vast experience in dealing with the public, he is friendly, chatty and an all-round great guy.  His outside interests are boating, golf and playing Pool in his local!


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